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5 Best and Fast Small-Business Loans (Some of Which You've Never Heard of)

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Business loans street view

Postby Milkis В» 02.12.2019


Catch up on stories from the past week and beyond at the Slashdot story archive. Most people contribute using their smartphones so the images are indeed not degrees. But some people do contribute images [mapillary. The thing is nobody can afford to have hundreds of cars driving around for months on end.

Not even Microsoft Bing has a coverage that's as good as Google. I tried it, but it isn't really usable as an alternative to Google. The problem is the viewer as much as the data. There's no easy way to just follow a route and see images as you go. The best you can do is click a point, and see a list of traces that passed nearby. Then you can follow one of those traces, but there's no way to say, "Turn here," even if they've got perfectly good imagery for the cross street from a different trace.

Someone needs to make a usable viewer for it. To be fair their goal is not really to make a competitor to Google StreetView: instead what they want afaiu is to amass a lot of images to train their deep-learning algorithm so they can sell services to various government and local agencies to tell them which traffic signs are where, where the street manholes are, where trashcans are located to help them organize collection routes, etc.

They also provide this information speed limits, one-way roads, weight limits, etc. Because Google is a marketing company that is only hater world domination. In the processes it wil gladly destroy any and all rights people have. Basically they are "A bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

If history is any indication, Google will eventually hide some or all of that data behind a paywall. Most probably he has bigger problems than "his personal data" and all this crap.

This is a way to help real users to see the map on a real place, not a "open source great ideia" that no one uses. And in the off chance that his life, his family and his society is great, as "we" are used to have Sure, google will be the winner.

But OTOH they will have a map app to use, the same map app that most of the world uses and rely on. Thanks to this guy. There is some StreetView imagery of places like McMurdo [google.

Looks pretty desolate, but that's another matter. Tell me about it. These volunteers giving stuff away are crazy! When traveling from my house using ride share, I almost always have to tell the driver how to get out of my neighborhood as the maps almost always given them the mo.

Street view is a mostly a luxury for voyeurs and other perverts, as opposed to the satellite views that can be useful. No, both are necessary these days. Street View is incredibly useful if you're traversing the streets An overhead satellite view is not very helpful - knowing what's on the roof isn't as useful as knowing what the building looks like when you're driving down the road.

And yes, I've used Street View and equivalent to see what a location might look like - given an address tells you nothing about parking, about where you might turn in to get to the lot, what the entrance looks like, etc.

Also useful knowing what the road signs look like when going down the road because sometimes a GPS direction can be vague, or the road signs are confusing. People have traveled the world without it for, well the beginning of time. I still do it. Millions of people still do it. The few times I use it, is because of the gimickness, not because I need to know what the house looks like when I drive by. Often infor was outdated, so an entrance was changed.

Or a stire did not exist anymore. It is seriously overrated. Sure it is nice. But to me it is more intrucive than nice. I would be happy if every country in the world would make it illegal and I was never able to u.

Google uses streetview data to enhance its maps. It knows which house is number 37 because its AI read the number off the front door. I knows where the main entrance to a shop is because the AI saw it, and won't send you round the corner to the wrong place. In countries where accurate signage data isn't available it can read all that too. I have used street view for checking out routes I want to take when doing a bike ride. Let's me know if there are side walks, if the traffic is heavy, or how bad the condition of the street.

You know this is street view and not back yard orgy view right? I mean Occam's Razor man, you're a pervert looking to get off do you a trawl through street view on the hope that somewhere some person in short shorts is sharp enough to spank your junk to, or b go to imagefap and type "voyeur" in the search to see what new content was posted today.

Works great with OSMand. If Street View solicited photographs from the general public without compensation for filling in specified blank areas on the map, this would immediately become an advertise-my-business or advertise-my-town input. We would get multiple views of everyone's diner and hardware store.

We would get carefully edited views of Podunk, with the bad neighborhoods skipped or cleaned up, with careful emphasis on businesses that were most active in the Chamber. We might get Photoshopped images of what Main Street is sup.

What motivates me is just being that constant nudge on these companies and this system to pay attention to those parts of the world. That is a extremely odd way to define "pay attention". The guy is carrying a camera that uploads photos and location info top an electronic database. The data are then retrieved when a search is performed. It seems to be that Google is "paying attention" in no way at all here, as likely no human at Google ever sees the photos or interacts with any of the info in any way, unless a human on the other end of the query complains.

A strange idea, that Zimbabwe's problems are somehow magically going to get better if you go around systematically photographing every square inch of it. But if you made a list of the top 1, strategies for solving Zimbabwe's problems, this strategy would not be at the top of that list, to put it mildly.

What to do, what to do. What a moron - next time take your time and money to your hometown's food kitchen and spend your time and money where it will actually help, you know, people instead of some greedy ass corporation.

And don't stop me from telling Google I want them to pay the fucking taxes they owe, not use a double-dutch sandwich to avoid them. And don't stop me from advocating to change US law to turn that avoidance illegal.

There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Mirror your GitHub releases to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Check out Slashdot on LinkedIn. NPR explains why a man "applied to borrow a degree camera through Google's Street View camera loan program. The Berkeley, California, resident has filled in the map of other areas in Africa and Canada as well Google says it has "largely mapped" only 87 of nearly countries on the platform, which launched in Many other countries on the planet have at least some Street View coverage, Google says.

But there are sizable gaps in regions like Africa, Antarctica and Central Asia, while areas such as the U. While users can see almost every street corner in places such as Paris or New York, they can't do the same for Algiers, Algeria, or Kabul, Afghanistan. He says the team is working to expand the service's reach. To do that, Google often relies on volunteers who can either borrow the company's camera equipment or take photos using their own.

Most images on Street View are collected by drivers, and most of these drivers are employed by third parties that work with Google. But when it comes to the places Google hasn't prioritized, people like Kanhema can fill in the gaps All this is a lot of work, but for Kanhema, it's a hobby.

Google doesn't pay him or the other volunteers -- whom the company calls "contributors" -- for the content they upload. Craig Dalton, an assistant professor of global studies and geography at Hofstra University, says Google's business model plays a big role in which places are added to Street View first.

Google Maps is a product from a company, and things are included and excluded based on the company's needs," Dalton says. The volunteer contributors to Street View can sometimes receive funding from tourism boards or travel agencies, according to the article, but Street View's product manager adds that Google currently has no plans to compensate its volunteers. He says instead that Google compensates its volunteer contributors "in a lot of other ways" by offering "a platform to host gigabytes and terabytes of imagery and publish it to the entire world, absolutely for free.

This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. I wish these people would donate their time Score: 5 , Interesting. Coltrane writes: on Sunday September 22, PM Share twitter facebook linkedin. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re: Score: 2. I tried it out using the web interfaces and where I tried Canada and Germany it wasn't degrees, navigating the scene was quite un-intuitive.

I wish the open alternatives well but they've got to find a way for volunteers to get their hands on cheap masts and degree cameras both car and backpack versions. Otherwise it's just going to be a "Netflix Canada".

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Re: business loans street view

Postby Magal В» 02.12.2019

Don't forget who Google is Score: 2. However, you could make somewhat the same point about FOS Rwandan authorities plan year-end analogue switch-off.

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Re: business loans street view

Postby Julkree В» 02.12.2019

Sure, google will be the winner. We would get carefully edited views of Podunk, with the bad neighborhoods skipped or cleaned up, with careful emphasis on businesses that were most active in the Chamber. Then you can follow one of those traces, but there's no way to say, "Turn here," even if they've got perfectly good imagery for the cross street from a different trace.

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Re: business loans street view

Postby Fern В» 02.12.2019

Or run a small business that needs funds to use toward creating and developing an export business? The global digital skills gap is growing at an alarming rate. Antarctica Score: 2. There are both online lenders for lines of credit as well as traditional bank institutions.

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