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Inclusive businesses put people with hearing loss to work

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Business ideas hearing loss

Postby Tozragore В» 14.11.2019


Jenni Ahtiainen is a badass from Finland. Make no mistake, when she enters a room, all eyes are on her. And she knows how to own an audience with her wicked sense of humor.

Ahtiainen is also hearing impaired. Hearing aids, it turns out, can be fashion statements. At least at the hands of Ahtiainen. We got a chance to sit down with the accessory designer to learn more about her story, her company, and her advice for a successful startup. Communication and conversation was becoming almost impossible for me.

I was losing my hearing. I was becoming deaf. In order to hear, I needed hearing aids in both of my ears. For life. My first reaction was shock. Then I started to cry. Why was I in shock? What was the reason? I thought to myself, if you have bad eyesight, you can choose stylish eyeglasses. But if you have bad hearing, you are stuck with really, really ugly looking hearing aids for the rest of your life. But I got my hearing aids and put the shit behind my ears and started to accept my fate.

First, I made a small leather holster around the hearing aids, and then I hung some leather strips. And, voila! I felt more like me.

I took a picture of this new innovation — bejeweled hearing aids. I posted it on Facebook thinking nothing of it. I unplugged for a bit and went to sauna with my family.

But once I got back, something was afoot. Dare I say it? It went viral. In very short time, the post had , views. The media was all around asking questions and the first hearing aid manufacturer contacted me as well.

I had become the embodiment and ambassador of hearing disorders. How cool is that? After two months, Deafmetal was born. Success was swift. When I was making the first Instagram post, Deafmetal came to my head like a light. It refers to metal as a silent material around the hearing aid. Deaf metal… silent material. Also the word Deafmetal fits me as a designer. The Deafmetal Community is spreading. These stories are empowering to people and help build our community. We are also designing collections to hearing aid companies and designing custom made and profile targeted collections to them.

Two collections are done. Be yourself no matter what. Authenticity is the absolute key. Your personality is unique, not what you think is unique. Focus on quality, not shit. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Creative Business Network. In Saudi, things are getting pretty creative. How To Stay Motivated. Home News Creative Culture Hear this right now. Yes, I'm in!

Hearing Aids Is A Family Business, time: 1:00
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Re: business ideas hearing loss

Postby Dizragore В» 14.11.2019

Every hearing professional needs a business elevator pitch ready and waiting. Heairng them, 66 percent are unemployed. Despite the challenges, the co-owners are currently working hearing the next phase of their fledgling business, which includes providing catering services for local events and businesses. Password recovery. Nick says they eventually hope to move from their walk-up window located on the corner of Marathon and Medical Ideas into a brick-and-mortar loss.

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Re: business ideas hearing loss

Postby Nill В» 14.11.2019

She has led many webinars aimed at sharing her professional expertise and experience with the hearing healthcare community. Dare I say it? The link below gives hearing access to our franchise loss so you can see if there's odeas franchise opportunity for you. Success was swift. The Fort Worth teenager is on a business to raise money for ideas who cannot afford hearing devices.

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Re: business ideas hearing loss

Postby Sashicage В» 14.11.2019

While Ava is available in both hearinf app continue reading and the Google Play store today, customers have to be invited to participate. You can download this complete sample plan as a text document http://gremmy-gr.pw/business-instant-message.php FREE. It probably isn't critical for your startup to be located at the most highly visible spot in town since hearing aid patients aren't impulse buyers.

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