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Introduction to Business Continuity

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Business continuity is

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Business continuity planning [1] [2] or business continuity and resiliency planning is the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with potential threats to a company. An organization's resistance to failure is "the ability As such, BCP is a subset of risk management. BCP's are written ahead of time and can also include precautions to be put in place. Usually created with the input of key staff as well as stakeholders, a BCP is a set of contingencies to minimize potential harm to businesses during adverse scenarios.

A analysis of how disruptions can adversely affect the operations of corporations and how investments in resilience can give a competitive advantage over entities not prepared for various contingencies [10] extended then-common business continuity planning practices.

Business organizations such as the Council on Competitiveness embraced this resilience goal. Adapting to change in an apparently slower, more evolutionary manner - sometimes over many years or decades - has been described as being more resilient, [12] and the term "strategic resilience" is now used to go beyond resisting a one-time crisis, but rather continuously anticipating and adjusting, "before the case for change becomes desperately obvious.

This approach is sometimes summarized as: preparedness , [13] protection, response and recovery. Resilience Theory can be related to the field of Public Relations.

Resilience is a communicative process that constructed by citizens, families, media system, organizations and governments through everyday talk and mediated conversation. The theory is based on the work of Patrice M. In her article, "Resilience: Talking, Resisting, and Imagining New Normalities Into Being" [16] Buzzanell discussed the ability for organizations to thrive after having a crisis through building resistance.

Buzzanell notes that there are five different processes that individuals use when trying to maintain resilience- crafting normalcy, affirming identity anchors, maintaining and using communication networks, putting alternative logics to work and downplaying negative feelings while foregrounding positive emotions. When looking at the resilience theory, the crisis communication theory is similar, but not the same.

The crisis communication theory is based on the reputation of the company, but the resilience theory is based on the process of recovery of the company. There are five main components of resilience. They are as follows: crafting normalcy, affirming identity anchors, maintaining and using communication networks, putting alternative logics to work, and downplaying negative feelings while foregrounding negative emotions. There are three main groups that are affected by a crisis.

They are micro individual , meso group or organization and macro national or interorganizational. There are also two main types of resilience, which are proactive and post resilience. Proactive resilience is preparing for a crisis and creating a solid foundation for the company. Post resilience includes continuing to maintain communication and check in with employees.

Resilience can be applied to any organization. Business continuity is the intended outcome of proper execution of Business continuity planning and Disaster recovery. It is the payoff for cost-effective buying of spare machines and servers, performing backups and bringing them off-site, assigning responsibility, performing drills, educating employees and being vigilant.

A major cost in planning for this is the preparation of audit compliance management documents; automation tools are available to reduce the time and cost associated with manually producing this information.

Several business continuity standards have been published by various standards bodies to assist in checklisting these ongoing tasks. Quantifying of loss ratios must also include "dollars to defend a lawsuit. A function may be considered critical if dictated by law. Maximum time constraints for how long an enterprise's key products or services can be unavailable or undeliverable before stakeholders perceive unacceptable consequences have been named as:. According to ISO the terms maximum acceptable outage and maximum tolerable period of disruption mean the same thing and are defined using exactly the same words.

When more than one system crashes, recovery plans must balance the need for data consistency with other objectives, such as RTO and RPO. It applies data consistency objectives, to define a measurement for the consistency of distributed business data within interlinked systems after a disaster incident. While RTO and RPO are absolute per-system values, RCO is expressed as a percentage that measures the deviation between actual and targeted state of business data across systems for process groups or individual business processes.

After defining recovery requirements, each potential threat may require unique recovery steps. Common threats include:. The above areas can cascade: Responders can stumble. Supplies may become depleted. During the SARS outbreak, some organizations compartmentalized and rotated teams to match the incubation period of the disease. They also banned in-person contact during both business and non-business hours. This increased resiliency against the threat.

This phase overlaps with disaster recovery planning. ITIL has defined some of these terms. Within the UK, BS and BS are being used for business continuity management across all organizations, industries and sectors. These documents give a practical plan to deal with most eventualities—from extreme weather conditions to terrorism, IT system failure, and staff sickness.

In , following crises in the preceding years, the UK government passed the Civil Contingencies Act of : Businesses must have continuity planning measures to survive and continue to thrive whilst working towards keeping the incident as minimal as possible. United Kingdom and Australia [39] have incorporated resilience into their continuity planning. In New Zealand, the Canterbury University Resilient Organisations programme developed an assessment tool for benchmarking the Resilience of Organisations.

A Resilience Ratio summarizes this evaluation. The book Exercising for Excellence , published by The British Standards Institution identified three types of exercises that can be employed when testing business continuity plans.

While start and stop times are pre-agreed, the actual duration might be unknown if events are allowed to run their course. Biannual or annual maintenance cycle maintenance of a BCP manual [39] is broken down into three periodic activities. The BCP manual must evolve with the organization, and maintain information about who has to know what. Software and work process changes must be re documented and validated, including verification that documented work process recovery tasks and supporting disaster recovery infrastructure allow staff to recover within the predetermined recovery time objective.

There are many standards that are available to support Business continuity planning and management. ISO has for example developed a whole series of standards on Business continuity management systems [47] :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Catastrophe modeling Crisis management Cyber resilience Digital continuity Disaster Disaster recovery Disaster recovery and business continuity auditing Disaster risk reduction Emergency management Man-made hazards Natural hazards Risk management Scenario planning Systems engineering System lifecycle.

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Re: business continuity is

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Reform Institute. Pure said the rollout completes its Resilience can be applied to any organization. The purpose of a simulation is to determine if you can carry out critical business functions during the event. This process guides organizations in identifying threats, designing responses, implementing a plan and measuring effectiveness.

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Re: business continuity is

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Here: p. To start, what is business continuity? Some check this out use go here business continuity management consulting services to help identify and address resiliency synchronization between business processes, applications and IT infrastructure. This enables rapid recovery of your applications at an IBM Resiliency Center to keep businesses operational business periods of maintenance or unexpected downtime. Infollowing crises in the preceding years, the UK government passed the Civil Contingencies Act of : Businesses must have continuity continuity measures to survive and continue to thrive whilst working towards keeping the incident as minimal as possible.

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